Homeboy Industry Partners

In my previous post, I wrote about Homeboy Industries, explaining their mission and the good that they do in the Los Angeles area for those who are formerly involved gang members.  If you would like to find out more about this business, click here.

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In doing research, there are many other businesses and organizations that partner with and are associated with Homeboy Industries.  They are broken down into three different partnership categories, including Program Partnerships, Workforce Partnerships, and Funding Partnerships.

Program Partners support the various programs that Homeboy Industries offers such as education, legal, mental health, tattoo removal, and more.  Some of the brands associated with Homeboy Industries in this capacity include Jesuit Volunteer Corp, Dolores Mission, City of Los Angeles, and schools such as Keck School of Medicine of USC and Loyola Law School – Immigrant Justice Clinic.

Workforce Development Partners work closely with Homeboy Industry to offer further development of skills in workers and potentially future employment.  Some of the brands associated to Homeboy Industries here include Solar City, Iron Workers, Kaiser Permanente, and more.

Lastly, Funding Partners offer financial support and help to Homeboy Industries continue to provide the services that they do and to be successful in doing so.  This is the largest partnership list and includes brands such as AT&T Aspire, Kaiser Permanente, NBC Universal Foundation, Power 106 FM, State of California, and Walmart.  There are also several individuals and foundations that provide support to Homeboy Industries in the funding area.

Overall, I was surprised to see how many organizations were involved and associated with Homeboy Industries.  I think that Homeboy Industries’ message of hope and a new start resonates with many people, which is why so many people want to support and help the cause.  It is such a large and open organization that there is opportunity for many more Los Angeles based businesses and brands to partner with them and get involved with the community.


To see the full list of Homeboy Industry Partners, click here.

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