Instagram’s Newest Feature

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recently added a new poll feature to Instagram Stories!  But, what is so cool and important about this feature that has so many people talking?!

How Polls Work

After selecting a photo or video to post to the story, Instagram users can choose a poll sticker.  They are given the option to write the question and provide two different choices that their followers can select.  Even better, the answers to the polls can be a text or image!  The sticker can be placed anywhere on the image or video.  After this, Instagram users can track the results of the poll as the results are updated in real time.  However, the polls are not anonymous.  Once a follower has voted, the Instagram account user who created the poll can see who has voted for which option.

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An example of the poll feature on an Instagram story 

Positive Take-Aways

This new feature on Instagram is a great tool for businesses as it allows for more interaction between Instagram users and followers.  This is an extremely quick and beneficial way, especially for businesses with large followings, to get feedback from their followers.  It is also beneficial for the followers of the business because they feel that their voice and opinion is being heard by the company.

My Thoughts

I think that this is a very innovative and creative idea that Instagram incorporated into its social media app.  I feel that this poll feature will be specifically beneficial towards businesses who are looking to communicate with their followers.  As a platform, I think that Instagram is more of a way for businesses to promote products, get their name out there, and showcase company culture and values.  However, this new feature definitely makes the app a bit more interactive and allows room for there to be more of a conversation between company users and their followers.  It will be interesting to see if this feature will increase more brand loyalty for businesses using Instagram.

5 thoughts on “Instagram’s Newest Feature

    • I have not used it myself, but I have participated in a few!

      I think that as far as businesses are concerned, it is not necessary to make the poll anonymous. Businesses with big followings are most likely just going to look at the overall results of the poll rather than note which consumers voted which way.


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