Who Am I


The urge to create lives within me each day.  As a dancer, I mainly create through movement.  I find something so powerful in being able to tell a story and express any emotion without saying a word.  I am most inspired by other dancers because this field requires vision, passion, and strength.  Dance unifies people and calls for living in the moment and letting go of all fears.

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Exploration and adventures drive me.  Originally from Los Angeles, I have always had a desire to explore not only big cities, but also the outdoors and all that the world has to offer.  I find peace and stillness in nature that contrasts with my busy, hectic life and that I can’t seem to find anywhere else.  My love of adventure led me to study abroad for four months in Florence, Italy and travel all over Europe throughout my time there.




I am a firm believer in that the way you think influences your perception of the world.  No, I am not a philosophical guru.  However, I do make a choice each day to wake up with an optimistic outlook, looking at each opportunity with a positive lens.



All of my interests come together in marketing.  Marketing allows me to create, just as I do in dance, to tell a story to another.  Marketing allows me to explore new routes, take risks, and soak in all moments, just as I do while traveling.  Marketing requires thought, in the best ways to plan, implement, and review and my positive outlook aids in the process.  I am especially drawn to marketing because it is so relational and influential.


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